When you are marketing your business, you are ideally getting your prospects into the sales funnel with a goal of converting prospects into paying customers.


Social Media is a wonderful way to help build awareness.

There is a “rule of thumb” that it takes between 8 to 10 times for someone to see your brand before they begin to resonate with it.

Leveraging cost-effective tools to build awareness is a great way to leverage word-of-mouth.


Once you’ve got a prospect’s attention, what are you doing to keep their interest?

Have you encouraged people to opt-in to stay tuned to receive more information from you?

Are you providing great information? Are you helping them solve problems?

A lot of this depends on the content you’re publishing.


Measure metrics. What’s working. What time of day should you be publishing? What content seems to resonate with your audience?


Stay the course. For your prospects to commit to you (and open their wallets), you have to be committed to them.

Keep producing great content. Keep solving their problems. Keep providing great customer service.

Once they know, like and trust you, they are more likely to purchase from you.


 A happy customer tells 4 to 6 people, an unhappy customer tells 8 to 16.

Imagine what this is like when it comes to Social Media, when the reach is amplified by the number of connections and shared experiences?

Be a company that gets great reviews and has brand ambassadors who LOVE your product and want to share it with the world.


Can you identify those people who are spreading your business via word-of-mouth? What can you do to give them more ammunition? Can you make them a VIP? Give them “insider access” to pre-launch info?

Keep your customers happy. Keep your customers loyal. Keep your customers paying. Get referrals.


Img source: http://bestcontractorleads.com


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Written by: Leslie Hughes, PUNCH!media