LinkedIn Profile Writing & Optimization

LinkedIn doesn't have to be overwhelming

In fact, it can be super simple. One of the simplest ways to get up to speed fast is to get help from a specialist who can do all the heavy lifting.

lesliehughesheadshot500x500I'm Leslie Hughes and I specialize in writing LinkedIn profiles, and LinkedIn Training

I'm here to help you eliminate the overwhelm, cut through the clutter and help you DOMINATE as the top brand ambassador of your niche and your organization.

I know it's not easy to write about yourself. You do want to stand out as an industry expert, but you don't want to look like you're bragging or self-promotional.

The good news is, LinkedIn is the channel you're SUPPOSED to highlight your accomplishments.

Crafting the right content for LinkedIn is important. You have mere seconds to make a first impression, and you want to make sure that you immediately convey a polished, professional profile that conveys confidence, competence and helps to build trust.

Your prospective clients are Googling you right now.

LinkedIn is one of the highest ranked sites when they search for you.

An incomplete profile speaks VOLUMES. It screams: "I don't care enough to make sure I have an up-to-date presence."

You're not alone. More than 80% of people have an incomplete profile, and this provides you with a HUGE opportunity to stand out in your niche.

The LinkedIn Profile Writing Process:

Step #1: Online Audit

  • I review your online marketing materials (website etc.,) to ensure I have the proper messaging and positioning.

Step #2: Discovery Call

  • We schedule a 1-hour interview to discover what makes you unique, what are your key accomplishments, how can we best tell your “story”.

Step #3: LinkedIn Profile Writing and Optimization

  • I provide turnkey services to write and optimize your LinkedIn profile with your target market in mind. I like to refer to LinkedIn as “your resume with personality” which includes the core values of what you do, but the copy is also designed so that is resonates and fascinates your target audience.
  • I cover all the essential sections of your profile including:
    • A strong and compelling headline
    • A complete LinkedIn Summary with a call-to-action
    • Completion of the “Contact Info” section
    • Personalization of the professional websites fields
    • Recommendations for your “vanity” URL
    • Advice/recommendations for proper use of multimedia
    • Optimization of past positions (focusing on keywords)
    • Highlighting projects/publications/speaking opportunities
    • Awards and accomplishments
    • Skills and Endorsements
    • Education and courses
    • Organizations and certifications
    • Additional Languages
    • and more
  • I will also answer any “Q & As” you may have so that you can understand the proper way(s) to connect online. I’m also happy to provide advice and recommendations for your next steps.

Step #4: Review and approval

  • Once the copy is complete, I send the material for you to review and approve. I want to ensure I’ve captured your “voice” and the copy resonates with the reader.

Step #5: Compliance approval (if required)

  • I will work collaboratively with you through the compliance approval process.

Step #6: Upload the content to your profile.

  • If you would like turnkey services, I will upload all your content on your behalf  (log in information is required).


I have written and optimized profiles for Presidents/CEOs, Chief Financial Officers, Vice Presidents, Sales Managers, Financial Advisors (and also a former Canadian Federal Cabinet Minister!) and I can help you too.




  • Creating a strong first impression that effectively tells your "story" (and your company story as well!)
  • Dominating your niche as a thought-leader or industry expert
  • Generating a ton of inbound leads
  • Becoming a strong brand ambassador for your company
  • Getting a new job with your dream company
  • Getting a new client from your dream company
  • Advancing your career

You may think that LinkedIn is JUST a resume site or that only job hunters are using LinkedIn, but it's SO much more powerful than just a resume site.

It does have elements of your resume, that's true, but it's also your Rolodex.

Ensuring you have the right message on your profile, using your profile PROPERLY to stay top-of-mind and using the proper etiquette to connect with the right people can really help you to stand out amongst your competition.

LinkedIn isn't the site where people are wasting time, it's where thought-leaders and key decision makers are INVESTING time.

Are you ready to invest in YOU?


Schedule your 60-minute Discovery Call by emailing me leslie [at] and get ready to DOMINATE your niche as a thought leader and brand ambassador for your organization.

Leslie Hughes, Toronto LinkedIn Profile Writer,
Photo by Mostafa Photography

Leslie is a former Adjunct Professor of Social Media, a current Corporate Trainer for the Digital Management Certificate at Ontario Tech and the Principal of PUNCH!media.

Leslie has been a LinkedIn Profile Writer for clients such as Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, RBC, Pinchin Ltd. and Investment Planning Counsel of Canada.

She is also a corporate LinkedIn Trainer, an international keynote speaker, and the author of the book “CREATE. CONNECT. CONVERT

Leslie has been featured in various magazines, radio shows, and CTV’s “The Social”.


LinkedIn Profile writing is a perfect turnkey solution for executives who are looking to feel confident about their professional presence.


Contact me at leslie (at) for a customized quote.


*NOTE: PUNCH!media is not endorse or affiliated with LinkedIn. We are independently owned and operated but we think LinkedIn is one of the most powerful Social Media channels you should be investing in.