Staying on top of the ever-changing privacy settings on Facebook is challenging but I always strive to keep you posted.

Today’s tip about your Privacy Settings to change “Who can see my stuff”?

It’s Mark Zuckerberg’s mission to get everyone to share everything – all. the. time., (he calls this “frictionless sharing“).

In my opinion, they continuously change the settings hoping that you’ll forget to set them to private because the more you share publicly, the more data can be captured externally by sites like Radian6 and Sysomos to prove that Facebook is an effectively channel for word-of-mouth.

If your settings are private, then these external sites can’t track the conversation (but beware: Facebook is watching every move you make when you’re online and soon may be even tracking your cursor movements)

So here’s how to re-set your privacy.

1) Click on the wheel (two icons to the right of your name)

2) Click on Privacy Settings in the drop-down menu

3) Click on the “Who can see your future posts” link in the “Who can see my stuff” section.

Facebook Privacy

I have mine set to “custom” as I segmented business friends and personal friends into lists. So only my personal friends get to “see my stuff” (I’ve excluded my business friends from seeing everything)

Remember: only publish information online that you’d feel comfortable seeing on a billboard!

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