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How to update your LinkedIn Cover Image with an image that really stands out.

You know that funky blue area behind your headshot? That prime visual real estate that sits directly behind your photo is a 1400 x 425 pixel banner that can really make your LinkedIn presence POP.

The following are some examples that may inspire you to change your Cover image:

Minerva Sanchez Rudman’s cover image highlights a core value of what she believes in.

Amy Davies’s cover image includes her company’s colourful brand.

Hans Eckman’s cover image showcases his expertise as a keynote speaker

As you can see, these visual examples are much more interesting than the standard blue background.

A really cool (and free) tool I love to use is called I don’t have strong graphic design skills, so Canva allows me to use their templates, stock photography, images, fonts etc., so that I can create images for Social Media.

Here’s how to use and transform your LinkedIn cover photo:

Step #1: Create a free account at

Step #2: Choose “LinkedIn Banner”

Step #3: Choose one of the templates from the left-hand column. (Some images are free, some require a nominal fee).

Step #4: Change any colours, fonts or other details so that you have a background image you like.

Step #5: Click “Download” in the top navigation bar.

Step #6: Choose JPG from the drop down menu for the File Type and click “Download”

Step #7: Open your LinkedIn profile. Click “Me” (top right-hand corner of navigation bar), then “View Profile”.

Step #8: Click the blue pencil in the top block of your LinkedIn profile.

Step #9: Click on the blue pencil to change the current standard blue background to your new image.

Step #10: Upload the photo by finding your file in your downloads folder.

Step #11: Position or adjust your Cover photo and click “Apply”

PRO TIP: If you work with talented graphic designers, ask them to create a company-branded LinkedIn Cover photo. This way, your entire team will have a consistent presence that brands your organization!

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN: Do you have an interesting or unique LinkedIn cover photo that you’d like to share? Include your profile URL below.

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