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How to obtain linked in testimonials,

How to request a testimonial on LinkedIn

Online reviews are crucial in the decision-making process.

In fact, 93% of people say that online reviews impact purchase decisions.

Obtaining testimonials on LinkedIn can be very easy. Simply visit the profile of the person that you’d like to receive a testimonial from. This could be a colleague, a client, or anyone who can provide you with a character reference.

Step 1: Click on the “More” link, then on the dropdown menu, click “Request a recommendation”.

Step 2: Choose how you know your connection (yes, they must be a LinkedIn connection), along with your position at the time.

Instead of using LinkedIn’s template to ask your connection, the easiest way you can get your connection to say “yes”, is to write the copy for them.

Simply message your connection with the following message:

“Dear (name),

I’m just in the process of updating my LinkedIn profile and would love to feature a testimonial from you.

To make this process easier, I’ve included some copy below that you can simply cut & paste into LinkedIn. Feel free to make any changes, or write your own copy.

I really appreciate your input.

All the best,
(Your name)

I have known (your name) for over (X) years, and I found them to be (adjective, adjective) and (adjective). They helped me to (results you produced for them) and I highly recommend (your name) for any kind of (work that you provide).

The more specific and quantifiable you can make your testimonial, the more likely the prospective client can relate to how you can help them.

Of course you will want to change the kind of copy for each testimonial, and presently only the latest two testimonials will appear most prominently on your profile.

I’ve found that if you produce great work, people will gladly say “yes” to your request. Providing them with as much turnkey information as possible, will make the entire process MUCH easier for your connection and you’ll have testimonials featured on your profile in no time!

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