Down the right hand column of your LinkedIn profile, you’ll notice there are quite a few interesting nuggets of information.

Most recently, LinkedIn’s blog announced “Managing Your Professional Identity Just Got Easier“. Now you can see more analytics about WHO’s viewed your profile: Who's Viewed Your Profile on LinkedIn

And, you can also get see which updates receive more traction and how “viral” your message has been.

Who's Viewed Your LinkedIn Updates

Who’s Viewed Your LinkedIn Updates


Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the LinkedIn office in Toronto and when I posted my glee-filled smile along with my status update I received:

  • 248 views from my 1st degree connections
  • 857 views from my 2nd degree connections (i.e. Anyone in my 1st degree connections who clicked LIKE or commented allowed my message to be extended to their network)
  • 287 views from my 3rd degree connections (i.e. Anyone beyond my 1st & 2nd degree level of connections also saw the post)
Visiting LinkedIn Office

Visiting LinkedIn Office


I wholeheartedly believe that QUALITY connections and quality posts are the most important aspects for getting “viral” and extending your reach.

Ensure you are posting relevant information that resonates with your connections. I think some of the reasons why this post was so popular:

a) I was blissfully happy and it shows (connecting emotionally)

b) people who know me and know how much this visit to LinkedIn meant to me were eager to share their support and enthusiasm (quality connections)

c) this post was a picture of me at LinkedIn posted ON LinkedIn (relevant)

Now it’s your turn:

What posts have you found to receive the most reach? Is there an emotional component to the post? Is it relevant to your connections?