Social Selling Program for Canadian Financial Advisors

Learn how to create a strong first impression, build an audience of quality connections and be the "go-to" expert in your niche.


In today's marketplace, prospective clients are more empowered and educated than ever before.


People are actively researching their options and are using sites like LinkedIn to decide if they want to work with you.


In fact, 80% to 95% of buyers' decisions are influenced by online reviews and your online first impression.

If a prospect were to Google your name right now:

  • Is your LinkedIn profile and website up-to-date?
  • Does your story convey yourself as a competent and trustworthy advisor who can help their clients achieve their goals?


If not, you're missing out on opportunities to build your book of business.


To stay current and drive success for your business, you MUST engage authentically and influence the right people at the right time using the right messages.

BUilding your SOCIAL SELLING skillset can help you to:

  • Identify your audience and help you to build a solid online presence.
  • Find hidden opportunities within your network such as job changes or promotions.
  • Accelerate the speed of your sales cycle.
  • Make new connections and foster meaningful relationships.
  • Showcase yourself as a thought leader and a "go-to" expert in your niche.

Get up to speed fast  with this 3-module social selling program
specifically designed for canadian financial advisors.

This easy-to-follow, three-module program is designed to ladder up as a complete strategy:

MODULE #1: Laser-focus on building an online presence you can feel proud of.

MODULE #2: Learn the proper ways to find your ideal persona, and connect with them using the right messages.

MODULE #3: Dominate your niche by publishing the right information to the right audience.

Buy each module individually, or invest the complete bundle for a complete strategy.
Ultimately, this online program will empower you to become a polished, professional, social selling expert.

  • Each module is less than 45-minutes long.
  • You'll receive easy-to-follow worksheets and cut & paste copy to make each step super simple and get you focused on producing results.
  • The comprehensive program is laser-focused on empowering you to become confident in your social selling expertise and is designed to get you up and running in no time!

What you can expect to learn in this program:


How to identify your audience and build your online presence.

  • What is Social Selling and why it's essential if you're a Financial Advisor.
  • Steps to audit your digital footprint.
  • The key areas you need to complete on LinkedIn to obtain 40x more opportunities (according to LinkedIn).
  • How to identify your ideal persona.
  • How to purge/delete connections.

MODULE #2: SOCIAL SELLING "102": Intermediate

How to develop a larger audience and foster relationships.

  • How to make new connections, build your audience and develop new relationships with quality professionals.
  • How to use LinkedIn as a resource to find potential new connections.
  • How to stay top-of-mind with your audience so you extend the reach of your brand.


Showcase yourself as an expert and dominate your niche by publishing quality content.

  • Why building a content strategy is important (hint: it saves time)
  • The key steps to build a content calendar.
  • Best practices for posting content including how to elicit engagement and the optimal dates/time to post.
  • How to tailor the content to each prospect and client's life stage.


When you purchase all three modules, you'll access the complete program and save $98.00!

Each purchase includes:

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to the content.
  • Free updates (when changes have been made).
  • Quality support.


A risk-free, 60-day, money-back guarantee allows you enough time to determine if this program is right for you. The only requirement for a full refund is that you MUST take action.


We're confident that once you have taken all the necessary steps, completed all the action items and have put this step-by-step program into place, you'll wonder why you haven't implemented social selling sooner. **

(Please click here to review the terms & conditions and understand what's required for the money-back guarantee)



Using this program, you don't even need to be "tech savvy" to use tools like LinkedIn to build an audience and dominate your niche.


By building an audience of quality connections, you can:

  • stay top-of-mind by sending reminders of financial deadlines.
  • share relevant, compliance-approved content that helps to answer questions and solve problems.
  • have access to opportunities when connections have changed jobs or have received promotions.
  • extend word-of-mouth about your services, and ensure you've positioned yourself as the "go-to" expert in financial services.


This program is designed to take all the guesswork about what to do, and how to get started. In fact, there are even worksheets and swipe files that help you to get laser-focused on taking action.

Learn from the expert

Leslie Hughes is an Adjunct Professor of Social Media, a LinkedIn Corporate Trainer and a LinkedIn Profile Writer. She has worked with hundreds of Advisors in U.S. and Canada to optimize their presence and help empower them to use Social Selling properly.


Leslie has worked with clients such as Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, Investment Planning Counsel, JLL, RBC (and many more) to help optimize their professional presence online.


Leslie was called a "Social Media Guru" on CBC Radio, was interviewed on 680News and DeutcheWelle (Germany), and also appeared on CTVs “The Social”where she discussed how to "Maximize your Digital Presence".

Leslie Hughes, LinkedIn Specialist at

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