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Our first priority is to deliver value. Value that ensures and inspires results.

We tailor each and every experience to ensure we get to know you, your business, your target audience, your objectives and your desired results.

Investing in your presence is VERY important because your clients are Googling who you are before they pick up the phone.

What is your first impression on Social Media’s #1 professional network?



If you are an executive who wants a turnkey solution to having a powerful professional presence, you may be interested in having us write and optimize your LinkedIn profile.

This process includes:

  • Reviewing your online marketing materials (website etc.,) to ensure proper messaging and positioning.
  • A 1-hour interview to discover what makes you unique, what are your key accomplishments, how can we best tell your “story”
  • Writing and optimizing your LinkedIn profile including the following sections:
    • A strong and compelling headline
    • Your LinkedIn Summary with compelling call-to-action
    • Completing the “Contact Info” section
    • Personalization of professional websites fields
    • Recommendations for “vanity” URL
    • Advice/recommendations for proper use of multimedia
    • Optimization of past positions (focusing on keywords)
    • Highlighting projects/publications/speaking opportunities
    • Awards and accomplishments
    • Skills and Endorsements
    • Education and courses
    • Organizations and certifications
    • Additional Languages
    • and more
  • Any Q & As you may have to help create a strong presence
  • Advice and recommendations for next steps
  • Work collaboratively with you through the compliance approval process (if required)
  • Upload all your content on your behalf  (if required)


The next 6 months is pivotal for you to invest in your online presence. Your team are powerful brand advocates who can help you showcase your company properly. Ensure they have a consistent and strong brand presence and empower them to produce results.

Training sessions can be designed as “lunch & learn” (1 hour) or intensive hands-on (3-hour) sessions.

You will learn:

  • How LinkedIn works and why it’s the most useful tool for sales & marketing today
  • The 3 key areas you MUST complete on your profile for a strong first impression (and gain inbound leads)
  • The proper etiquette covering:
    • why you need to customize your connection requests each and every time
    • how to respond to connection requests from people you don’t know (or when you should simply ignore)
    • how to convert cold calls into warm introductions
    • how to turn inbound connection requests into meetings
  • The importance of LinkedIn status updates and blog posts and how you can stay dominate your niche an industry expert
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes on LinkedIn with “fun” DO NOT DO’s.
  • Actionable next steps to propel your presence forward

Our process is designed to educate and empower you (along with a little fun & entertainment) so that you can feel confident and convert higher paying clients.

Contact us now for more information on a customized solution for you & your team.