How to write your LinkedIn Summary

A LinkedIn summary is a brief overview of your professional experience, skills, and accomplishments.

It typically appears closer to the top of your LinkedIn profile, just below your name and headline. This is your chance to showcase your unique value proposition and attract potential employers, clients, and business partners.

Here are some tips for writing a compelling LinkedIn summary:

1. Tell a great story: Why did you choose your career path? What accomplishments can you showcase that will let the reader know how you can help them?

2. Focus on your professional experience and skills: In your LinkedIn summary, highlight your most relevant experience and skills, and how they can benefit potential employers or clients.

3. Use relevant keywords: In order to be easily found by recruiters and other LinkedIn users, make sure to include relevant keywords throughout your LinkedIn summary.

4. Personalize it: Your LinkedIn summary should be unique to you. Don’t copy and paste someone else’s summary or use a generic template. Instead, take the time to write your own summary that showcases your unique experiences and perspective.

5. Include a call to action: At the end of your LinkedIn summary, include a call to action that encourages the reader to contact you or learn more about your work. This could be something like “Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn more about my work” or “Visit my website to see more of my projects.”

Overall, your LinkedIn summary should be a clear and concise representation of your professional experience, skills, and accomplishments. It should showcase your unique value proposition and encourage potential employers and clients to contact you or learn more about your work.

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About Leslie Hughes

Leslie Hughes is a LinkedIn Optimization Specialist, Professor of Social Media, Corporate Trainer, Principal of PUNCH!media and author of “CREATE. CONNECT. CONVERT” Leslie was called a "Social Media Guru" by CBC Radio and was featured on CTV’s “The Social” discussing how to manage your digital identity. Leslie has been working in digital marketing since 1997 and founded PUNCH!media in 2009. PUNCH!media clients include Investment Planning Counsel, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and TVO. PUNCH!media's goal is to empower through education and help executives gain confidence in their online presence so you convert higher-paying clients.