Should You Hire A LinkedIn Profile Writer, Or Write It Yourself?

I came across a metaphor recently that made me realize why we are often tougher on ourselves than we are on other people:

“You can’t see the label when you’re inside the jar”

We have all been raised to be modest and to refrain from boasting. Also, most successful people realize that true abundance comes from being of service to our clients. So when it comes to telling our story, it’s not surprising that we all find this exercise very challenging.

And yet, with the advent of Social Media, we are expected to all become brands and we are told we need to market ourselves and “toot” our own “horn”.

As a Corporate Trainer who helps to empower professionals, I often will say:

“LinkedIn is the channel where you’re SUPPOSED to include all of your accomplishments. This is the channel where your prospects are actively researching you to see if they can trust you. They look at your profile to determine if you can help them.

If you don’t include your wins and your successes, then you’re actually doing them a disservice!”

A question I’m often asked is: Should you hire a writer to optimize your LinkedIn profile, or should you write it yourself?

Time is money, so if people don’t have a budget to spend on a writer, I do my best to motivate and empower those who want to write it themselves. In my book “CREATE. CONNECT. CONVERT”, I include a fill-in-the-blank, “Mad Libs” style worksheet that is designed to help people get started with what to write.

At the same time, as someone who writes LinkedIn profiles, it takes many hours to tell a single story. Mathematician and philosopher from the 16th century, Blaise Pascal was quoted as saying:

“ If I had more time, I’d have written you a shorter letter”.

You probably know how challenging it can be to summarize your story. It takes several hours to uncover your own brand story and determine what makes you different than everyone else. You also know it can be frustrating to revise the copy and determine which parts of your professional journey will be the most interesting and relevant to the reader.

The good news is that your LinkedIn profile is a “living” document and it can (and should be) changed as you evolve professionally.

A LinkedIn profile writer is experienced to:

#1: Ask the right questions. We want to uncover your unique value proposition and uncover the story in your professional journey. We understand branding, and help to position you properly so that you feel confident in your online presence.

#2: Write strategically so you can achieve your objectives. We understand the importance of writing for the reader. Our objectivity allows us to see what you don’t see in yourself. Whether you’re looking for a new job, striving to convert higher paying clients, or simply branding yourself as a thought leader, we use the right keywords in the right areas and ensure that the copy flows so that it draws the reader in.

#3: Know which areas are the most important (but often overlooked). Writing a LinkedIn profile is more than just writing out a 2,000 character Summary. One of my favourite areas to personalize is the Public Profile URL. I love “tidying” up the long URL and personalizing it so you can use this copy on your email signature, your business cards and more!

I also recommend the right ways my clients can optimize visual elements in the multimedia section, or help them to obtain testimonials/recommendations to build even more trust and rapport.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you save time and earn more money. You may have heard the phrase “Hire your weaknesses”. If you think about how long it will take you to write your entire profile yourself, I’m sure you’ll find more value by focusing on what you do best.

Set your objectives about what success looks like to you and understand that this is an investment. In the same way you’d invest in a quality suit or expensive pair of shoes, you get what you pay for. Your first impression matters, and your online presence speaks volumes to your prospects and clients.

Pro Tip: Before you hire a LinkedIn Profile writer, ask for samples of their work to see if you like how they write. Everyone has a different style, and some profile writers will simply “cookie cutter” the process so all of the profiles sound alike.


Leslie Hughes is a LinkedIn Optimization Specialist, Professor of Social Media, Corporate Trainer, Principal of PUNCH!media and author of the book “CREATE. CONNECT. CONVERT.”

Leslie was called a “Social Media Guru” by CBC Radio and was featured on CTV’s “The Social” discussing how to manage your digital identity. Leslie has been working in digital marketing since 1997, and founded PUNCH!media in 2009.

PUNCH!media clients include Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, Investment Planning Counsel, and RBC.

Whether it’s through LinkedIn training or profile optimization, PUNCH!media’s goal is to empower executives with a powerful online presence so they can brand their business properly and convert higher-paying clients.

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About Leslie Hughes

Leslie Hughes is a LinkedIn Optimization Specialist, Professor of Social Media, Corporate Trainer, Principal of PUNCH!media and author of “CREATE. CONNECT. CONVERT” Leslie was called a "Social Media Guru" by CBC Radio and was featured on CTV’s “The Social” discussing how to manage your digital identity. Leslie has been working in digital marketing since 1997 and founded PUNCH!media in 2009. PUNCH!media clients include Investment Planning Counsel, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and TVO. PUNCH!media's goal is to empower through education and help executives gain confidence in their online presence so you convert higher-paying clients.

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