Should you use ChatGPT or hire a LinkedIn Profile Writer

ChatGPT is a game-changer – no doubt.

And when I first came across this technology, I thought “it’s going to put me out of business as a writer”, but here’s why ChatGPT isn’t the best option:

  1. Your LinkedIn profile is a reflection of you: Your LinkedIn profile is a representation of your personal brand and professional identity. It should showcase your UNIQUE skills, achievements, and personality in a way that is specific to you.Using AI-generated content by ChatGPT may come across as generic or impersonal; it won’t capture your individuality.
  2. AI can’t replace human intuition: AI models like ChatGPT can analyze data and generate text, but they can’t match human intuition when it comes to understanding complex social dynamics and interpersonal relationships.Creating a successful LinkedIn profile involves more than just listing your skills and accomplishments; it also requires a nuanced understanding of your industry, audience, and personal goals.
  3. The risk of plagiarism: While ChatGPT can generate unique text, there is still a risk of plagiarism when using AI-generated content. It’s possible that the same text could be generated for multiple users, resulting in identical or very similar profiles. This not only undermines the integrity of your profile but can also have legal consequences.
  4. The value of self-reflection: I often say “when you’re inside the jar, you cannot see the label”. Writing about yourself can be very challenging. Hiring a LinkedIn profile writer requires you to engage in self-reflection and introspection that isn’t just specific to your current role.I use specific questions that help you dive deep into your career. We talk about your biggest achievements and proudest moments. We re-frame “brags” into storytelling so that you highlight how you’re driven to be of service to your network. Answering these questions, and going through these exercises can be a valuable exercise in self-discovery and helping you see your value.

    By using AI-generated content, you miss out on this opportunity for personal growth and reflection.

Your LinkedIn profile is a personal representation of your professional identity, and it’s important to invest time and effort into creating a profile that accurately reflects who you are and what you can offer.

A good LinkedIn profile writer also takes your audience’s needs, wants, and perspective into consideration.

We also write more than just the Summary. We ensure the entire profile is completed from top to bottom.

LinkedIn is likely the highest ranked site when someone Google’s your name. You want to invest in an authentic and compelling representation of your personal brand on LinkedIn, not just copy created from a bot.

Now, when it comes to creating content or posts you can share on your LinkedIn profile…that’s another story.

About Leslie Hughes

Leslie Hughes is a LinkedIn Optimization Specialist, Professor of Social Media, Corporate Trainer, Principal of PUNCH!media and author of “CREATE. CONNECT. CONVERT” Leslie was called a "Social Media Guru" by CBC Radio and was featured on CTV’s “The Social” discussing how to manage your digital identity. Leslie has been working in digital marketing since 1997 and founded PUNCH!media in 2009. PUNCH!media clients include Investment Planning Counsel, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and TVO. PUNCH!media's goal is to empower through education and help executives gain confidence in their online presence so you convert higher-paying clients.