Pinterest: Should it be a part of your marketing strategy?

I love Pinterest. I love it for its pretty pictures. For things I covet: places I want to go, shoes I want to wear and crafts I probably will never create. It’s a site I go to when I want to decompress and “not think”. What is Pinterest? It’s an image-driven virtual “pinboard” or scrapbook.…

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10 Ways You Can Use Pinterest for Business

If your company is highly visual, and if your target audience is women, you really ought to take a look at using Pinterest as a part of your Social Media marketing toolkit (if you haven’t already) As I mentioned in a brief tutorial in May 2012,  some of the effective ways you can use this…

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You Win It When You PIN it – The Interest of Pinterest

If you’re already using Pinterest, you know it’s addictive. Pinterest is kind of like virtual scrapbooking of all your favorite pretty pictures. From shoes to recipes, vacation spots to crafts. It’s a place to swoon over places you want to go, clothes you want to wear, homes you want to live in. The average user…

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