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How to write a PERFECT LinkedIn status update

Sharing status updates on LinkedIn is a great way to build your thought leadership; which is very important because each time someone sees your posts, they begin to see you as the “go-to” expert who can help them solve their problems. Forrester Research says it takes a minimum of 11.4 touchpoints to build brand resonance.…

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How to handle online criticism and feedback.

Since the very first moment I began training professionals about how to optimize their presence using Social Media, I’ve been asked: “How do I deal with someone who says something bad about me or about my company?” This fear of “putting yourself out there” due to the potential of online criticism is so very common.…

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5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Updated Your LinkedIn Profile Yet.

From a professional standpoint, your LinkedIn profile is your first online impression. When people Google your name, LinkedIn is often the highest ranked sites. Typically, when people are researching you before a meeting, they will be looking at your profile to see who you are, what you do, and if you can help them. Forrester…

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