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How To Back Up & Archive Your LinkedIn Data

Backing up your data is like doing your taxes. You put it off until you actually HAVE to. Or, you’ve learned your lesson the hard way by having your system crash and you’ve lost all your data. We have to remember that sites like LinkedIn are “walled gardens”. They hold the key to the data…

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Don’t Have A Complete Summary On LinkedIn? An Incomplete Profile Says THIS About Your Professionalism…..


Did you know that “users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn”? I love to see professionals and companies express interest in using LinkedIn as a business tool, but it surprises me how many people have NOT have invested in optimizing their presence. As you probably know, LinkedIn is MUCH more than just a…

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How To Purge or Remove Connections on LinkedIn

Have you added any connections that you now regret? Some people don’t want to stay connected to their competition. They may feel their competitors have access to their clients and can keep up-to-date on their status. Or perhaps, you have connected with someone who monopolizes too much of your LinkedIn feed with too many, or irrelevant…

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How To Search For Prospects Using LinkedIn

We often use LinkedIn to make a great first impression, and build connections, but we don’t often realize that we can SEARCH for prospective clients using this wonderful tool. Here’s how: Step #1: Click on the “Advanced” link beside the top Search bar. Step #2: Use the “Title” field or the “Keyword” field to add your…

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