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Should your LinkedIn Summary be LONG or SHORT?

You probably know that you have 2,000 characters within your LinkedIn Summary to really craft a compelling story about who you are, what you do and how you help your target audience. When I write and optimize LinkedIn profiles for executives, I often maximize the character count. I want to be sure I completely capture…

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How To Delete Duplicate LinkedIn Accounts

Do you have MORE THAN ONE LinkedIn account? Uh. Oh. This could cause a lot of confusion for your connections. Will the REAL YOU please stand up? Deleting that second (or third, or fourth) LinkedIn account is fairly straightforward. Here’s how: #1: Search for yourself to see if (and how many) duplicate accounts you have.…

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Do THIS on LinkedIn before you go to your next meeting.

LinkedIn can be a treasure trove of information. Both for you and for your prospective client. Your clients can research who you are and YOU can research who your clients are –  before you even meet. This is a part of “Social Selling”. Here are some basic steps that you really should take before every meeting. #1)…

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