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Why Facebook’s DISLIKE button is a GOOD thing for your business.

It was announced recently that Facebook is working on alternatives to the “LIKE” button, particularly for sad or emotional moments. As we all know, there currently isn’t an adequate way to express our empathy or sympathy on the world’s largest Social Media channel. When someone announces they’ve lost a loved one, or simply have had…

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You don’t have to be on all the Social Media channels. KNOCK OUT the ones that aren’t working for you!

As an Adjunct Professor, corporate trainer and strategist, I have to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape in Social Media. It’s challenging. It’s overwhelming. It’s non-stop. And, I do this ALL day – EVERY day (yes, even on evenings and weekends). I love Social Media for many reasons. It’s non-linear, it’s about relationship-building, and…

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