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6 Steps To Get Your Law Firm Started On LinkedIn


Without a doubt, LinkedIn is an essential marketing tool for any company whose target audience includes decision-making professionals with a higher socio-economic status. This isn’t the site where people are sharing what they had for breakfast, or that they’ve just run 10K (and if you’re posting these kinds of updates – please read this post).…

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Why You Suck At Using LinkedIn

Why You Suck At LinkedIn

Does your LinkedIn presence suck? Take a moment to look over your profile, and pretend that you are a prospective client. What is the FIRST impression your prospective client sees when they visit your profile? Remember, you have less than nine seconds for someone to determine whether or not they like and trust you. If…

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Why The Art of Leadership for Women is a WISE investment


I’ve been fortunate to attend many of The Art of Productions events (The Art of Marketing, The Art of Sales, The Art of Entrepreneurship etc). Each and every event has had phenomenal speakers who are not only great entertainers, but also provide great information and inspiration. Speakers such as Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ariana Huffington, Jeffrey…

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