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What MUST Change In Social Media Marketing For 2015

What Must Change In Social Media 2015

This past year, I’ve re-connected with several friends I used to have frequent conversations with on Twitter. We all agree that this medium has changed significantly in a few short years. When many of us began adopting Twitter in 2007/2008, we collaboratively found a collaborative group of “strangers” who immediately became “friends”. We jumped into…

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The Art of Leadership: “If The CEO Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy”

This week, I once again was “wowed” by another The Art of Leadership event. Speakers included Linda Hill, Robert Sutton, Arianna Huffington, Daniel Goleman, and Rudy Giuliani The room was very large, and not very intimate, yet Arianna Huffington was warm, personable, humorous and she immediately had us all enamoured and riveted. She shared how much her life changed after she had…

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How To Respond To LinkedIn Connection Requests From Strangers

I love connecting with people on LinkedIn. I believe this powerful channel is best used when you deepen relationships with your network. I highly recommend ALWAYS sending a personalized note with connection request (or following up with a note whenever possible). But there are a ton of people who don’t know this etiquette. So how do…

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