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5 Steps To Position Yourself As An Expert Using Social Media

LinkedIn is your online resume, it’s your Rolodex and it’s the world’s largest business networking site. It has over 259 million people in 200 countries and 2 new members are joining every second. It may not be the “sexiest” out of all the channels, but it certainly is the most powerful. It’s also one of…

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How To Back Up Your Contacts in LinkedIn

You’ve probably been told repeatedly to back up your computer in case it crashes. Here’s how to get back up your file from LinkedIn (who knows, you may need these contacts saved elsewhere at some point!) 4 STEPS TO BACK UP YOUR CONNECTIONS ON LINKEDIN Step 1: Click on Network then Contacts in your Navigation…

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The Art of Sales: Why You Should Attend

For the past year or so, I’ve been attending many of “The Art of” Events (The Art of Marketing, The Art of Sales, The Art of Small Business). I gleefully met Seth Godin at last The Art of Marketing Event. (I was MUCH more nervous to meet Seth Godin than I was to meet Jordan…

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