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Gif this! The comeback of the animated image.

This week, I was working on a presentation and I wanted to include a “wag the dog” gif. The reason is, because my friend (and co-trainer/colleague Andrea Kennedy) says “Don’t let Social Media wag the company dog“. The whole point of this concept is that strategy and business objectives should come FIRST and social media…

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Pinterest: Should it be a part of your marketing strategy?

I love Pinterest. I love it for its pretty pictures. For things I covet: places I want to go, shoes I want to wear and crafts I probably will never create. It’s a site I go to when I want to decompress and “not think”. What is Pinterest? It’s an image-driven virtual “pinboard” or scrapbook.…

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What’s The Difference Between Advertising and Editorial?

As you may know, I spent a few years working for a publishing company (St. Joseph Media) selling advertising space for Weddingbells and Fashion Magazine. My clients would often ask me: “How do I get editorial coverage”?  This is because the “word-of-mouth” endorsement from someone who is unbiased and trustworthy is one of the strongest…

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