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How Long Does It Take To Recover From A PR Crisis? (Infographic)

          As outlined in the PUNCH!media e-book, “How To Handle Your Worst Case Scenario”, timing is EVERYTHING. Be sure you respond promptly and as authentically as you can with honest, sincere apologies. Would you be able to handle a PR Crisis effectively if this happens to YOUR business? Download the free…

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How Do You Get Your Customers to LIKE You?

As a part of this ongoing series we continue on with the pillar of “LIKING” Here are the 6 Pillars again: 1: Social Proof  2: Authority 3: Scarcity 4: Liking (see below) 5: Consistency 6: Reciprocity  In  Dr. Robert Cialdini’s book: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion and its 6 Pillars of Influence, the pillar of…

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Monitoring Your Reputation Online (Infographic)

As I’ve recently written in my e-book “How to Handle Your Worst-Case Scenario”, it’s VERY important for you to be proactive with your reputation management. And yet, according to this infographic, only 61% ACTUALLY do! Do you have a PR Crisis Plan ready? Source: Source:!/content/blog/social-media-corporate-reputation-blind-spot   For ongoing tips about reputation management and social media,…

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