Want to know a costless way to deepen your relationships AND help your build business?


When you are of service for your connections, you automatically start to build rapport and trust.

Instead of attempting to push your idea(s) onto your prospect so they buy into your products/services, find out what THEIR needs are first.

  • Can you connect them with someone your network who can help them to build their business?
  • Can you provide them with relevant information or insights?

When you GIVE, you get.

The person who I think gives the best mutual introductions is Nathaniel Isaacson from Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. Nate has been a client of mine for several years and he typically introduces me to a mutual connection with copy that reads similar to:

“Hi Leslie,

I wanted to introduce you to Paul*, who is the Financial Advisor for ABC Company. A few things that you should know about Paul: he is originally from a small town in Georgia and is a huge fan of punk music. He is married and has one child.

Paul – As I mentioned earlier today, I would like to introduce you to Leslie Hughes, the founder of PUNCH!Media. She is based up in Toronto, and has worked with several of the executives at Guardian including Susan*, Matt* and Erin* to help them optimize their LinkedIn profiles. Leslie is one of two people I’ve met who has visited Cuba. She is super easy to work and recently was featured on CTV’s “The Social” as an expert on the importance of maximizing your digital presence (https://youtu.be/Vee-48IA-Ms).

Here is what you can expect in working with her. Leslie will work with you and/or your assistant to schedule a one-hour phone interview where she will ask you a bunch of questions to get to know you and to learn about your business. She will then take your responses and create a professional tagline, your summary, and your current experience along with a few other areas of your profile. You will have as many back-and-forths as you need to get the profile to where you like it and can get it approved by Compliance.

I’ll leave it to Leslie to follow up and book a time with you.”

What I love about Nate’s introductions is that he familiarizes the people he is introducing not only with the role of each person, but he will often add in some miscellaneous personal trivia that is both interesting and helps to “break the ice”. These random facts are both unexpected and delightful.


Whether you do this through LinkedIn or via email, commit to introducing at least two people who could mutually benefit from an introduction.

Your pay-it-forward generosity will make a great impression and people will remember to reciprocate when the time is right.

lesliehughesheadshot500x500Leslie Hughes is a LinkedIn Optimization Specialist, Professor of Social Media, Corporate Trainer and Principal of PUNCH!media

Leslie was called a “Social Media Guru” by CBC Radio and has been working in digital marketing since 1997 and founded PUNCH!media in 2009. PUNCH!media clients include The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and TVO.

PUNCH!media’s goal is to empower through education and help executives gain confidence in their online presence so you convert higher-paying clients.

Leslie provides LinkedIn corporate training and LinkedIn profile writing for executives and teams who need a strong, powerful presence online.

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