Scared of Social Media? GET OVER IT.

Social Media is obviously here to stay. From Facebook “LIKES” to Twitter’s “hashtags” we are seeing Social Media go from strictly online communication to part of our daily vernacular.

But you don’t like Social Media because:

  • You’re scared of looking stupid
  • You think everything other people publishes is stupid
  • You think “it’s all been said before”

Here’s the rub:

  • Your clients are using Social Media
  • Your clients are Googling solutions to their problems
  • Your competition is probably using Social Media
  • Your competition is talking with your hot prospects; providing them with advice and solutions

I may be bold by saying: You need to buck up, buttercup.

We are all afraid of looking stupid.

We are all afraid of failure.

We all think we’re not saying anything new because “it’s all been said before”

But guess what?

 No one has heard what you know from YOUR perspective.

People buy from you because they know, like and trust YOU (and your business).

So take the leap. Start small. Listen and learn.

Be strategic:

  • What are your business objectives?
    (and if they don’t involve helping your customers by selling a superior product/service, you need to re-visit your objectives)
  • Who is your ideal customer and where are they hanging out online?
  • What are the keywords they are using on their LinkedIn profile?
  • Listen first. Join the channel(s) they are using and see what you can do to contribute to the conversation.

Did you know that 78% of salespeople using Social Media outsell their peers?

It’s because they are listening, engaging and finding creative ways to stay top-of-mind through online conversations and status updates.

So get comfortable with Social Media. It’s not going away.

You, your “voice” and your perspective are important.

Remember, Social Media is not the “end all, be all”. It’s just another tool in your toolkit. You still need face-to-face meetings. You still need to have various “touchpoints” and build trust before people will buy from you.

Get focused. Get strategic. Get over your fears. Get posting