Have you ever been endorsed for something that isn’t within your skill set?

LinkedIn endorsements are front and centre when you log in at any given time. The infrastructure encourages you to click and endorse your connections.

This one-click way to send a “little LinkedIn love” is both sweet and annoying.

I’ve often been been asked how to either delete, amend or change when someone endorses you for something that doesn’t fit within your skill set.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Click Profile > Edit Profile

Step 2: Scroll down to the Skills & Expertise section

Step 3: Click on the Edit link (which will be highlighted in blue)

Step 4: Use the “Add & Remove Tab” to add and remove certain skills.

Use the “Manage Endorsements” tab (as seen below_ to show or hide any specific people who have endorsed you.


Recently, during a training session a person told me that they often look to the Skills and Endorsements to see if someone is qualified for the position they are filling.

If they have no endorsements, they may be disqualified from the opportunity.

While endorsements are a simple one-click way to say “good job” they should only be used when you can actually stake your professional reputation on what you’re endorsing and whom your endorsing.

If you don’t like who has endorsed you or what they’ve endorsed you for, then use the steps above to make the changes to your LinkedIn profile.

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