One basic fundamental of Social Media is fairly straight-forward: you have to be SOCIAL in Social Media. (Yes, really!)

Now before I begin, I must start by saying there IS room for pushed and even pre-scheduled content.

Your audience is not all online at the same time, so it’s perfectly acceptable to re-share the same content at various intervals.

But it’s also very important to ENGAGE.

According to an article on EMarketer “Only 27% of marketers on Twitter and 34% on Facebook said they publicly answered customer service questions on the social platform”



This means that the majority of businesses who are using Social Media have set up a “hotline” but no one is actually answering it.

Responding may be as simple as a “thank you for sharing” or clicking the “LIKE button when someone comments on your page.

People just want to know they are being heard; whether it’s because they love what you’re doing or because they hate it.

If they love you, tell them how much you appreciate them.

If they hate you, find out why. What’s the actual problem? Can you learn from what they are telling you and make changes?

Listen, “haters are gonna hate” and you can’t fix that.


Some say we’re genetically wired to have a negative perspective, but the fact is that – good or bad – your audience is talking with you.

Question is….are you listening and letting them know they’ve been heard?