Your staff are your best brand ambassadors.

They are much more likely to share your company “wins” and update their network on “what’s new” within your organization than your clients are.

In fact, according to Ciceron.comcompanies that foster the brand ambassador experience on average a 19.2% increase in operating income.

Encouraging your employees to get involved and share your marketing messages can be super simple:

Step #1: Tell your team why you want them to get involved.

Let them know their input and feedback about the overall corporate culture matters. Everyone wants to feel heard and valued. Locking down employee access to Social Media tells your team you don’t trust them. Instead, set boundaries and appropriate use of Social Media with a comprehensive Social Media policy. (Check out this cool video by the Australian Air Force that makes a Social Media policy more appealing)

Step #2: Make sharing EASY.

Encourage your team to follow your LinkedIn Company page so they stay up-to-date on any corporate announcements.

Tell them it’s easy to share Company updates by simply clicking on the “Share” button and ask them to contribute to the conversation and elicit engagement by asking a question to their network.


Step #3: Make the company message consistent.

Provide your staff with a “boilerplate” (paragraph of standard copy) that tells your company “story” and encourage them to can cut & paste this information directly into the Current Position block of their LinkedIn profile.

In my opinion, the LinkedIn Summary should focus on the individual’s story (Click here for more tips and why the Summary should be written for the reader).

Under their Current Position, your staff member can highlight what they do, but they can also include what your company does, who your company helps and how your company uniquely solves specific problems.

Sharing a consistent message and encouraging your team to use this copy on their LinkedIn profile helps to build brand awareness.

Getting your staff to share your company message using LinkedIn is easy, right?

Tell me below, do you encourage YOUR team to share your Company updates? Has this been effective for you and your organization?

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