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If you are an executive and don’t have an up-to-date profile on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on this…

If you're an executive, and you haven't updated your LinkedIn profile....what are you waiting for? Did you know LinkedIn is one of the highest ranked sites when someone Googles your name? Did you realize that

How to start or deepen relationships on LinkedIn. Break the ice with these easy conversation starters.

Many of us think that LinkedIn is just a resume site, but this professional networking site has a treasure trove of information about your connections and is a great way to start or deepen your

The costless way to deepen relationships and build your business.

Want to know a costless way to deepen your relationships AND help your build business? MUTUAL INTRODUCTIONS When you are of service for your connections, you automatically start to build rapport and trust. Instead of

Why you need to write your LinkedIn Summary for the READER

Your LinkedIn Profile is what I like to call "your resume with personality". Many people thought this channel was just used for job searching, but professionals now understand that this channel is exceptionally important for building

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