One of the pitfalls of being a member on any Social Media site is that each channel “owns” your content.

The idea of backing up your data is just about as sexy as a trip to the dentist, or doing your taxes, but it’s exceptionally important for you to make sure you have captured your information on your OWN computer.

We know with Social Media that change is constant: here today, gone tomorrow. This includes all your data and access to your connections.

You may have heard the saying “your network is your net worth”, so can you imagine how gutted you will feel if you lose access to your virtual Rolodex?

It’s very simple process. Watch this short video or follow the instructions below.

Here’s how:

Step #1: Simply click on “Me” at the top right hand side of your profile and scroll down to “Settings and Privacy”.

Step #2: Scroll down to “Getting an archive of your data” and click “Change”.

Step #3: Click on the format you’d prefer (it may only allow you to chose “Fast file only).

Step #4: Add your password and click “Done”.

You will receive a notification via email with the process of how you can download your information.

PRO TIP: Be sure to set a reminder every few months to capture this data. I’m sure you’d never want to lose this information!

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